Should I let this issue go?

A guy I have been talking to for a few months did not call or text me for Valentine's Day. Do I say something or let it go because he isn't my boyfriend?


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  • just for the record - maybe we are weird but my boyfriend and I didn't even acknowledge is was V-day no cards no love notes nada. We both find it ridiculous that everyone adheres to this holiday making half of the world feel like crap because they either aren't with the one they love or they are currently single. If you don't say it don't expect to hear it. If your not dating like the guys kidna said why would a guy be brave enough to say something if you weren't. We aren't really all that different they can like someone and keep it to themselves for fear of rejection or seeming to forward. The other thing could be maybe he is like me and my odd boyfriend and just doesn't feel like he has to hold to a silly holiday. If you want to know just ask them. If he liked you he probably didn't mean anything by it and will laugh right with you when you ask him about it.

    • True. I feel it is a silly holiday too but I guess I was thinking it would be nice to know he thought of me that day. Actually, I kind of hate Valentine's Day. So. I am letting it go.


    • I understand I'm not devoid of feelings :) for the record I am sending my boyfriend a gift just not on v-day I love the idea of being told I love you and getting flowers etc. but I love when its random and not because society dictates it. It is always nice though :) I'm still a chick

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  • Maybe he just didn't know what there was between you, and didn't want to scare you off by moving in too soon?

    • No offense. But guys are so weird. I think it's clear that I am interested in him and attracted to him. How would that scare me off? Clearly, it would make me feel good! Hopefully, you are right though, better than him not saying it because he doesn't give a crap about me.

    • This is exacly what guys think about girls. why not jokingly ask where your valentines card was?!

  • if he isn't you're boyfriend then unless you had showed signs of liking him then why would he ? there's nothing worse than sending a valentine to someone you think won't appreciate it


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  • It's been my experience that guys have a tendency to over-analyze Valentine's day because of the extreme expectations they feel women put on them for it. Most of them are scared away by the idea of disappointing or even offending the one they care about and because of that, they might not do anything. In my opinion, you should probably just let it go. Or, if you can't, bring it up as a joke. Ask him in a light-hearted way why he didn't at least wish you a Happy Valentine's.

    This is, of course, assuming YOU sent HIM a message?

    • Actually, I didn't. I was waiting on him to do it. I thought if guys really liked a girl, they would. But you bring a different perspective. Thanks.

    • It's hard to judge from the internet, but some guys are just as sensitive as girls - and likewise just as self-conscious. He may not have wanted to be the one to make the first move. Maybe you could send him a "Happy Belated Valentine's"? If nothing else, it'd give you some insight to his thoughts on the matter. :D Good luck!