What does it mean if a guy say he wants to see you but it would be too hard for him?

my ex and I were going to meet up and exchange things. But yesterday I sent him a lot of messages. He responded today and said I can't text him and we can't be friends because it doesn't work. I asked if were still going to meet up and he said I really want to but I'm not ready to see u. And I can't tell you how I feel I will feel in 4 weeks all I no is I can't see you now. I really want him back. Do you think there's a chance I could. What should I do. He broke up with me b4 4 a month. And we got back together. So maybe I will get him back again.


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  • Sounds like too many problems for an early relationship handled in immature ways. He needs his space and it's reasonable you should respect that. Speak from the heart when you see him no need to be reserved. He is probably thinking through his feelings for you without tilting his decision one way or another with what I'm guessing is only temporary peace and loving affection


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