What do you think about cheating boyfriend/girlfriend?

do you believe that once a cheater always a cheater? and bad karma will come to them?

or do you think he/she actually can have a better life with the one they are cheating with and their original girlfriend/boyfriend is not the right one?

also,what do you think about the" third person"?

by third person I mean the "mistress"


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  • I'm not big on second chances. As far as the third person, its not their fault if your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated, unless its someone close to you.


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  • I think all those who cheat should leave us who are faithful alone..


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  • The main reason guys or girls cheat is because their significant other isn't doing it for them anymore. For example, sex, romance, communication, etc. If whomever they cheat with can fulfill what ever their significant other has stopped doing for them then Yes I think they can have a better life with whomever they are cheating with.

    If by third person you mean the person that hasn't done any of the cheating then that person should wonder why his or her significant other is cheating on them in the first place. Again, the loss of sex, romance, communication, etc.

    To me karma doesn't matter. It's the choices in our own lives that will either benefit or destroy our eventual conclusion.

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