How can I take my ex boyfriend out of my head?

My ex decided to take a break. I currently don't believe in breaks at all, I consider them more as break up's. I try my best not to think of him but for some reason he's always in my head I just can't deal with. We talk on the phone and when we do talk I just feel like pouring into tears. And I seriously want to work things out or just forget him? What should I do?


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  • Basically, this guy isn't as happy with you as you are with him. He wants a break so that he can feel free to go and mess around with other girls while you're not everywhere with him. 99% of the cases in which you are, the boyfriend lost interest in you a while ago, but you're still interested because he in this case doesn't show that he's madly in love with you, making you question yourself and what you could be doing wrong... So like I said 99% of these break up occur because the boyfriend loses interest, but the girlfriend keeps wanting him because it is natural for a woman to feel desire for a man who pays less attention and comes off less needy. But this isn't a bluff, or a guy who is doing it on purpose to keep you interested, this is a guy who seriously doesn't give a sh*t, and if you're having sex with him. Expect that to be the only reason he gets back with you. Once he realizes how hard it is to find easy pussy, he'll be back in no time. Good Luck.


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  • Give it time ya might just get back togeatherl


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