Why is she coming to get her stuff?

OK, so I blocked her on fb and she sends me a note assuring I blocked her and she asks for her books back and gives me her address. I WAS going to mail it back to her. However, when I blocked her to the point I disappeared to her on fb she texts me telling me she's going to see her parents and wants to pick up her books on the way there. I ask her to name the day we get this over with. She names 2 days. So I then tell her to to name the day so I'll know my time isn't being wasted. She then says she'll let me know next week. Ok, fine..whatever. She repeats herself again saying she'll text me letting me know. Originally she broke up with me because I flat out told her how she's been acting towards me. Cold, callus, romance kill. Stuff like that. She then got mad because I was honest and her previous exes who lied and cheated on her told her the same thing. She even went as far as to say I should have just cheated on her to finish it off. I LOVED HER I never had no intention of cheating in fact it never ever surfaced my mind. So right now I'm angry at her for being unfair and not forgiving me for what I said. I'm sorry for the way I said it but I'm not sorry for giving her what she asked for, even if it was a little later. I mean if you claim I'm such a nice guy why would you want to leave me? So what does she gain from getting her stuff back? Closure? I thought she didn't want to see me? Wow, really...I'm surprised it doesn't make things worst! I even thought why the f*** should I continue being this nice guy? Nothing comes of it...what do you guys think?

Btw, Rachiee, Blackkid, and Wanacot...thanks. :)


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  • She's coming to get her stuff back just to get her stuff back. There's no hidden meaning to it other than she just wants her stuff back. You need to move on and find another girl. Don't wait around for her to forgive you for telling her your feelings. Apologizing for telling her your feelings is like saying "sorry for being real." Don't do it. There's plenty of girls out there who don't have the issues that she has. It sounds like she's insecure in her relationships and that isn't a good trait to have in a girlfriend. Be nice about it and giver her stuff back. When she comes over don't talk to her other than saying hi and bye. Be the bigger person and let it go without more drama being caused.

    • But why doesn't she just wait for me to mail it to her. I mean she could wait? She already read the books. I don't know but yeah I'm not going to say anything to her. Simply because I'm fed up with her not being able to forgive, I'm through with her.

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  • She is p*ssed that you cut contact off so she is trying to find a way to have some. She probably somewhat regrets what happened but is so hurt and embarrassed by your opinion of her, that she cannot go beyond her hurt to try and connect with you. You know, she may not have gotten mad that you were honest. She may have been mad due to the way you told her. She also sounds like she isn't able to see her own issues or ready to change them. Just give her the stuff back and move on.


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  • I know you're torn up but get a hold on yourself guy. Sometimes things don't work out, and if she has romance problems then it's not you since you're not the first to tell her this.

    • Yeah, I know this and I'm glad everyone who I spoke to besides you guys on here agrees with me. I mean at least I was honest...I never wanted to cheat on her...we were doing so well. Then the week before V day I tell her this and she gets mad saying its bullsh*t, I shouldnt have taken so long to tell her how I felt and she doesn't want to talk to me right now, no sense in me coming to see her valentines day weekend, don't bother and to give her her books back. But you're right man. Thanks.

  • Give her the stuff back and move on with your life. There are better girls out there than this.

    • Thats what I'm currently doing right now and I learned a lot from this. Life is pain but we just have to learn to get right back up again for the next round.

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