Faceboook password/ ex situation?

I'm in a great relationship for the last 8 months.

and I was wondering..

what do you guys feel about exchanging Facebook/hotmail passwords?

Recently I asked my boyfriend and he said no, and while I respect that, I am a bit annoyed about this.. Am I crazy to feel this way?

The main thing that bothers me is that his past relationship was for 7 years, and they're still friends on Facebook although he tells me he hates her, I kinda feel that if you do then you should get over it and delete her..am I wrong to feel this way?


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  • Ok guys don't really care about Facebook. I mean I m pretty usr eI have all my ex girlfriends as friends on Facebook. I don't share my password with anyone, regardless of how much I trust them.

  • Yeah, there's no way I would give my girlfriend my passwords. Its just going to be problems if there's a breakup.


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