Should I allow him to fetch his ex?

my boyfriend and I has been together for 4 years and then suddenly his ex came up ..his ex add him in Facebook then they exchange contact numbers.. his ex girlfriend want to visit us but she wants my boyfriend to pick him up in manila because she doesn't know how to go here in boyfriend ask me if I allow him to fetch his ex.. and I don't know what to do..will I allow him to fetch his ex? and by the way his ex girlfriend is married..


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  • Going with him would have to be a condition to him going to pick her up for me...

    • What if I can't go with him? should I allow him? its a 8hours drive

    • Depends on how much you trust him or her...If you can trust him enough..then let him go. If not tell her to find her own way...or see if he can get a friend that is close to both of you to go with him

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  • HELL No do not allow that! She's going to try to take him back even tho she's married she can still cheat any body can! So be SMART TELL Ur boyfriend HELL No! You NEED to TELL HIS ex WTF DOSE SHE WANT AND if Ur boyfriend GETS UPSET You NEED to DUMB HIS ASS! SERIOUSLY DON'T Be TAKEN As A FOOL GET ANGRY NOT SAD!

  • That sounds suspicious. Tell her to find her own way there if she wants to visit.

  • go with your man to fetch his ex.

    • The problem is I can't go with him..bcoz according to his ex..she's ashame of bringing me to fetch her..

    • This is the reason you can't go...bc SHE said so....Tell her too bad..if you want to visit you have to deal with it

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