Girls, How to forget out him?

So there was this guy I really liked. In total he asked me out on 2 dates but he was the kind of person that would ghost people, he would talk to me and seem interested for a little bit but then go cold. Every now and again he would say Lets hang out but most of the time those times never materialized. The second date he took me on was a few months ago and he really seemed interested that time and he kissed me goodbye on the lips when I left. However he went back to doing the same thing of ignoring me and about a week later he posted a snap story saying he was at a restaurant with a girl he called his date. After this I finally decided to delete him from everything except Facebook. I didn't really think about him or miss him that much for about a month or so. But recently I started to think about him again, and today when I was checking my Facebook I saw he updated his profile and in the picture he is with a girl this he is most likely dating. when I saw the picture my heart sank and I actually almost started to cry. I know he treated me like crap but I guess I kept thinking he would change and like I said this was a guy I really liked. How can I get over him or just stop thinking about him? I unfollowed him on Facebook so I wouldn't have to see anything else. right now I'm about to go to my final college class of the day and I'm holding it together but seeing that picture really ruined my day. There's been other guys that I've liked that I've seen move on and honestly I really haven't been bothered before but this time I am.

Ignore the typo in the title, thanks to my phone


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  • I knoooww how you feel. You need to realise that that twat is just that: a twat. And you are a wonderful person who I'd going places who don't need no twat. Say a prayer for that poor girl he's victimised now!