What's going on in the guy's head?

So, I met a guy and he fell for me and I for him, but he broke it off a month later cause of our age gap. I am the age of 15 and he's 18. I was devastated, and he was also, I think, but it just isn't legal to date like that.
He's dating another girl, but eventhough he is, he recently (after a month of not contacting with me at all) asked me to dance in a party at a slow song, (we tried to avoid each other beforehand at that ball but he saw me dancing with other guys and couldn't resist) he stared into my eyes with a gentle smile for the entire song and, after I smooched him on the cheek, he bit his lip and kissed me passionately. I could feel him tremble and he smiled a lot. Then we agreed to stay as friends, after a long, romantic "staring contest". He told me he really likes me, but it can't happen cause it's wrong.

Later that evening he asked me for another dance, but one moment he called me in the other girls' name by accident, and denied of doing that later on.

He sort of dates another girl but still asked me to dance and kissed me, even though we were completely distant and awkward at that point.

We haven't contacted each other since the dance and we definitely won't. What's interesting, is that we have already agreed to stay friends for 2 times before, but we have always ended up in romantic irresistible situations.

He is not a typical popular guy, he's a total nerd for vampire diaries and supernatural, Nirvana and music I like. He's not a hunk, a bit chubby in fact, but really smart, confident, straight-standing and handsome.

I tried to write this in a more of an organised way, but I have already accidentally deleted 2 of these long questions, so I'm not up for going into depths.

What's going on in his head? Why does he keep coming back to me?


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  • A hook up darling

    • Noo, the other girl feels the same way as I do, I'm sure of that.

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    • He believed he sees a future with me when we're age neutral, I would know, it's not a hookup. I knew I should've explained it in more details.

    • Yeah yeah you're only 15 and believe what he says.
      I'm just saying what happened with my friends

  • He probably must like you but the age gap and your still young.

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