Guys, HELP!!! What did this mean?

I made a comment to this Guy "you don't plan with me because you don't like me". All he did was sigh.
What does that mean? HELP!!!

Guys please help!!!


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  • That could mean a lot of things and maybe he find it tiresome you always question how interested he is to you or something

    • We'll I am because we are not together and he hangs out with other people instead of me. If he was interested we want be hanging out more

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    • Yes you do hangout, but if I like someone or I'm interested in someone, I make the time for them even though I'm a bit busy; in other words, I do the chasing

    • Right I don't get wants up that's what I'm asking because it's never totally innocent when we hang out

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  • May be he is showing that he is getting tired by your comments

    • We'll I'm tired of hanging out with him thinking we have potential then and really I see there's not because he does things like hang out with friends instead of me when I thought he liked me