What did he mean by this? I'm very lost here, any one can help?

Hey there starting from the beginning I was recently dating this guy for a little bit. We met at my job. Apparently I heard that he thought I was cute from a second party but he was way too shy to ask me out. Fast Forward 6 months later we finally go out, things went well and we connected for a good 3 weeks, until I went out of town for two weeks and came back, we saw each other for a little bit when I got back but after that he started acting weird. Not replying, and flaking on dates. Now bare in mind this guy is apparently not very experienced with dating and didn't have a girlfriend for a very long time. So for the very last time I ask him if he wanted to hang out, he said he was Down and then two days later he sends a text saying he wasn't ready for a relationship and that he doesn't think he was capable of a meaningful relationship and that he has gotten so used to being alone, but it had nothing to do with me. I said okay and that we won't be hanging out then that day, or any other day, and he never responded after that. This confuses me and I just need a little clarification. I haven't even kissed the guy because he was being way to shy and he already flakes out. Was I for any chance to clingy for him? I didn't text constantly everyday or call everyday.


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  • Why don't you just call and ask what's up. It's better than actually asking someone else because at this point, there's actually nothing that can ruin whatever is between the two of you. If he responds, you'll probably get things sorted, If not, then move on, you didn't have anything significant with him anyway.


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