Girls, Does she still think about me? Or care at all about me? We dated for 4 years. until she stopped speaking to me, without any notice/conversing?

met on New Years eve of 2011-12, it was amazing and quickly turned into a loving relationship within months. We had so much in common. Things had been going great until some serious problems involving my family began occuring again. Which required me to be at home and that meant spending less time with her and becoming more and more agitated and on edge, which she would take as if she was doing something wrong but it had nothing to do with her. after a while things settled down and were back to normal. last march i made the decision to go back to school full time, and this required me to live close to 70 miles away during the week. I had an in depth discussion with her regarding how i wouldn't be able to be there like i was before, and that we should keep things casual for now, (i. e hanging out on the weekends and talking during the week) but i am taking a heavy courseload which requires an awful lot of time, and she was also busy with work which she agreed maybe it would help us in the long run and allow us to focus on our futures, all while agreeing that we didn't want anyone else but eachother. this past sept things were getting so much better between us, zero problems, couldnt wait to hear from her. i was getting ready to head back to school and she told me about this vaca her best friend and her were going on in a few weeks, i was super excited for her. days go by and the texts from her dwindle until i was getting nothing or close to nothing. the week she was supposed to leave for vacation she had been giving 1 word answers for texts. i was so confused, after 2 weeks of this i came out and asked her if she is seeing someone, which she came out and said yes, and she said she wasn't sure where it was headed but its a good idea we dont speak for awhile. i was heartbroken, and still am. will she reach out soon? i texted her on nye wishing her HNY but no response. nye always meant so much to us. my bdays in 2 days, will she reach out to me? does she still think of


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  • Long distance relationships tend to fizzle out, especially if your used to someone being around physically. She moved on because she wasn't getting what she needed, or wanted. You keep doing "you", and the right woman will wait a life time. She couldn't even jump a puddle for you. There will be someone who will cross an ocean for you buddy. Believe and have faith and trust that everything will work out. :-)

    • It wasn't really long distance. I was home every weekend and for summer and winter. Also we spoke about our situation and she agreed completely about keeping things how they were and how she wanted no one else. People keep tellin me to move on, but I literally feel like I can't, I got no closure, I don't know what happened. And when I asked she just said she needs time and space (this was back in October), I can understand that but if you need space and time why did she jump into another relationship? I'm so hurt and confused by this. This is so unlike her, 4 years and she can't even give me an explanation? I haven't reached out at all with the exception of a hand written letter back in October and the text on New Years. I thought no contact could help but I'm lost through all of this. Any insight/advice would be much appreciated.

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    • 😔thanks

    • except i really dont know the red flags or what to look for. its going to be hard for me to trust and open up to anyone again seeing as i have no idea what happened. nothing was explained and nothing was discussed.

  • Did you guys only date no relationship?

    • No we were in a serious relationship, things got complicated when I went away for school.. But even during that time of be home on weekends and for summer. We spoke about this and she seemed fine with it. I just don't understand after everything we've been through she couldn't get the guts to tell me. Not even through a cowardly phone call or text message.

    • I'm not sure of why she did what she did but I'm almost certain she gave you some type of clues that's the relationship was coming to an end. Maybe she went distant, discussed things she was tired of, even her mood when you two were together. What you should do is sit and analyze the whole relationship or the end of the relationship for what it really was. I too had to do this and there is where I found my closure. Blinded by my feelings and love I had for this certain someone made the truth extremely foggy but it was there. Maybe that's where you'll find your closure.

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