Guys, my ex was a virgin when I met him and our relationship had it's ups and down. I was his first love... Will he ever come back after a while?

My ex was a virgin when I met him and he had never went out with a girl or even been in a simple relationship or anything. Then he met me. We connected from the very start and everything was powerful, the sex, the way we talked and everything but he was still immature and some stuff he really didn't understand. Basically we've been arguing a lot before he broke up with me because he lost my trust a while back and never properly apologised for it and never tried to get my trust back. We went out on a date he planned and we argued on that date and he later told me I was slowly breaking his heart because I was pissed off and as he said "stone walling him". He broke up with me because he said he isn't sure if he actually wants me, he might want something else and he isn't sure he actually loves me because he has no previous relationship to compare too. He said he will find someone that will be more similar to him and marry that person and he thinks that person isn't me anymore... I told him what we have is really special and i don't think him/me could find something like this... and he said the chances of him realising that I was the right one are not high and he thinks he might not want me ever again although now he thinks he still loves me a lot and he does want to make me happy but he thinks we will never work. I don't know if he's scared of commitment or realised he never actually loved me or just wants to go and fuck other girls and be with other girls... Will he ever come back? Do people actually go back to their first love? Is this common with guys to be very determined to want a girl and tell their friends she's the one and then change their minds? I thought guys were more firm when it came down to really want that one girl... He begged me for 2 months to get back together in the summer and now he left saying he doesn't think he loves me anymore or wants me...


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  • Maybe, maybe not.

    He probably feels like he missed out on experiences that most people his age has been through. You were his first everything but he wasn't yours, that might have bothered him and made him want to get more experience before deciding to settle down.

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