What works?

What has your ex girlfriend ever done to make you want her back or at least regret breaking up with her?!

Please help!


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  • i'm trying to figure out the same thing right now..whatever you do though, don't keep txing him, calling him and whatever else. give him his space. make him realize what he lost! good luck girl. hope they come back

    • Thanks so much. Yeah, leaving him alone is really the only thing I can think of. I'm just gonna contact him when I'm totally transformed into a sexier me ;)

  • Once a guy has dated you, he knows way too much about you to be lured back by seeing you looking good or dating other guys. I think once guys break it off with a girl, it is pretty serious and they really just don't have any ability to get that feeling back for you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    • Well, we have been on and off for three years. I just want to speed up the process of him coming back again....!!

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    • I wouldn't call it wrong but it probably will just end up backfiring on you because you actually have had some feelings for this guy (I assume) and he may not be as attached (bad guy) so usually when they come back we just end up attached again and they treat us badly and walk away, again. Good luck!

    • Yeah that's true thanks!!!

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