Chances of getting back together?

So back in Sept i met this girl, and tbh i didn't really think we'd end up together but life is kinda funny and after a few weeks of getting to know her we fell for each other. Things were amazing as she was my first girlfriend and we went on many adventures for hours on end, we even dressed up as Ash and pickahu for Halloween :P We shared many special moments (like our first kiss in the rain) but unfortunately all good things come to an end and she ended it after 3 months.. Obviously i was hurt as it came out of no where but she told me that she was stressed from school as her marks were pretty bad even though we worked together to try improve them :/
Anyways me being me I hurt for awhile but i didn't hate her, i just wasn't the biggest fan of her decision as maybe it was just me but i thought i felt something pretty special ( yeah i know its still my first, i get it). I tried talking to her after Christmas just to check up on her but ever since the break up she has been ignoring me or avoiding me and it hurts. I dont believe i did anything wrong during or even after the breakup ( i feel we both ended it well) as i only want to be friends at the very least. I dont want to leave her behind or forget about her as even now she still means a lot to me im just scared that maybe she doesn't want me in her life anymore even just as a friend :/

So my question is from how everything went down, do you think with time maybe after she finds out who she is, is there a chance she might come back?
She doesn't talk to me much but if i initiate conversation she does, i also have keep catching her staring at me from time to time, does that mean anything?

All in all i do miss her, i tried my best to make her happy as she made me feel like i was the luckiest man in the world, I was always there for her through our ups and downs. I just hope that maybe i had a big enough impact on her life like she did in mine.

Anything would help
Thank you


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  • Dang brother. I feel your pain. How old is she?

    • she is 19

    • Rarely do girls that age know what they want. That's not to say she doesn't enjoy or even really love qualities that you posses. It's that from her prospective, she doesn't really know what else is out there which causes her to have doubts. It's human nature. I'm going through something simmilar which is why I asked her age.

      The only real thing I can tell you is that if its meant to be, you guys will end up together again. If she's not responding, your only move is to stop trying to contact her for at least a month or two. That will give her time to think about things. Give her an "over the bow" text after and see if she responds. If she doesn't, repeat the waiting thing. If she does, keep it cool and short. If that goes well for a while, invite her to lunch (and this is really important) at a place you choose.

      Honestly though, she's probly going to be like that till about 24-25 years old so don't discount the possibility of meeting someone else who knocks your socks off.

  • No dude it's over, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Just move on and learn from the experience

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