Who is being bi? why?

I can't trust guys anymore.. none of them.. they lie in ur face saying they love u but they have a girlfriend
any ladies that was straight but turned bi? or lesbian

lol i realized already!


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  • Lol. You can't just decide to be lesbian because a couple of guys have lied to you. That's not how it works

    • lol i realized but im also asking because girls dated girls at the school i go to and then decides to go back to being straight

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  • One does not simply "turn" bi or lesbian. You either are or you're not.

    • sorry I didn't know... a lot of girls do at my school but I guess its a phase

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  • saying they love u but they have a girlfriend

    -They obviously don't know what love is. This is the reason why people under a certain age shouldn't date.


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  • You can't just choose to be gay or bi

    • Why not? I choose to be straight. When the guy asks his girlfriend will you marry me, she chooses to say yes or no.

  • I'm bi but I like my man. if I broke up with him I may go lez. If you are wanting to know if I think you should try it YES do it.

  • You cannot 'turn' bisexual or become a lesbian. Either you are attracted to women or you are not. I happen to find both men and women attractive, but it is in no way a decision.

    • yes you can. but that's another argument. it's mental for ladies. not hormonal.

    • @orphan you can decide to have a relationship with a woman, even have sex with one, without that being your personal preference, and vice versa. How do you think marriages end with one of the parties coming out as homosexual? They had a relationship, both emotional and sexual, with their spouse but that doesn't make them bisexual or straight.

    • you're right... but it's a lot easier to say she's bisexual than "she had an emotional and sexual relationship with a woman"