I love this girl, but she still loves her ex?

I'm pretty sure this situation has occurred a ton...but I want to hear others opinions.

Just some background info. You can skip to the next paragraph if you want. I'm 18. She's 17, almost 18 next month. She's been in 4 relationships and I've been her 5th. This is my first one officially, but I've been in "love" before. She lives in a different city from me which is an hour away so technically this is a long distance relationship.

OK. So I met this girl at a competition. Didn't really talk to her or anything, but she did hang out in the same group as us, so she eventually added me on Facebook. I didn't really talk to her until she accepted me as a friend on this Facebook game...yea I know..I'm a nerd. Anyways, we started to talk last Nov. and we ended up filling each others wall posts everyday for almost 2 weeks straight. I started to get the feeling she liked me and well..she did. I got even closer to her when she when she went through something traumatic and I was there to comfort her (this happened in Dec.).

So then near the end of winter break we got into a relationship together, and made it Facebook official...lol. But yea, we talked for a few days and then we got into our 1st argument.

The argument was dumb, but I was basically downgrading myself. I was saying how I wasn't good enough for her and she was trying to cheer me up. I didn't listen to her however and she suddenly got really cold. She started to agree with me and then even asked why she should be with me when she deserves better. I felt sick for pushing her that far so I told her I didn't want her to leave and I really loved her. She told me not to say it if I didn't mean it and I was kind of hurt.

A few minutes later, she apologized to me for being so cold and told her how much she was reminded of her ex (first time I hear about him). She says they argued everyday over the most smallest things, but she stilled loved him.

After that argument with her, she was constantly talking about how much she missed her ex and how much she still loved him. She would post depressing song lyrics or statuses almost everyday. Soon she broke up with me and told me she didn't want to hurt me anymore. I told her I understood and if she still wanted to talk and be friends, then I was okay with it.

So I later become the person she basically vented to about her ex. She would talk to him constantly and tell me about how much she missed him (Btw, her ex has a girlfriend). She even told me I was better than him in every way possible...it's just that she didn't love me. She even tells me she wishes she could get over him to move on.

I know what it's like to be in love. I loved a girl once and I was very into her. She broke my heart and I got over her. When I say I love this new girl, it's not the same love that I had before. This love is caring, patient, and kind. I know this may sound dumb, but I'm willing to wait. So any guys or girls in this or been in this? How did it end up? Opinions on this?


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  • You're steering into the Friends Zone. She sees you as somebody she can vent to you about her problems, not relationship material.

    • Thxs bro, appreciate the feedback

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