Should I end my relationship after 2 years?

I am in a living relationship with a wonderful person for 2 years. We are highly compatible and are deeply in love. He is the nicest person, very kind, honest and caring. But problem started when his parents came to visit him. I have a strong feeling that his mother doesn't like me. She is very dominating and opinionated. His parents lived with us for 2 weeks and during this time she hardly talked to me. When she is around even my boyfriend dint interact with me much. Her mother treats me as if I am his son's roommate and nothing more. I asked him several time, if your parents does not like me will you marry me? And always his answer is "than nothing can be done". He is not talking to his parents directly about us, our relationship and our future. He will never go against his parents. He is too good of a person to hurt his parents.

I am very confused right now. Should I break up with him? Cause I really don't want to die alone. I want to be married. My parents are also kind of pressuring me to get married. Am I being overemotional and selfish? I love him more than anything and I cannot imagine my life without him. We have had most wonderful times together. But do I need to be practice? Please I need some advise. I cannot stop crying.

P.S. I am 25 years old.


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  • Umm OK some basic truths... a boy is a boy and not a man until he lives his OWN life which requires making his OWN decisions and not living by the will of his mother. Even the nicest of guys sooner of later must defy their mother or they end up old and single. Sorry has nothing to do with it. I'm not saying that you must make him choose BUT... he already has. And you weren't chosen. Bummer. He is the only one who can assert who you are in his life, if his mother is treating you like a roommate then it's ONLY because he's letting it happen. Sorry again but impossible to deny. A real MAN creates his own family and is no longer held by his parents rules/beliefs/whims/prejudices etc. Sure he respected them but he's in charge of setting his own course, creating his own career and choosing his own mate. Moving along you must also grow out of confused and crying stage and BELIEVE that you will NOT die alone. There are a great many men who would seek out someone special to share their lives with and even though you are young now you still need look for a spouse who will value YOU as part of their life, despite their mother's approval or lack thereof. Someone had to say it to you. Good luck.

  • woah...wait a min, his parents should have NO SAY about who he gets to marry...only HIS HEART can tell him who he truly loves and if he's going to let his parents intertwine into your great realtionship then screw him...if his parents are too hard headed to realize that hteir son is in love with you and not accept that then they are horrible does he talk to his parents about you? do you know? I mean that's just obsurd he wouldn't marry you because his parents didn't approve...thats not fair to him or to you...this is about YOU GUYS as a COUPLE...his parents aren't going to live with you or have your kids or any of that...they are his parents and should respect his decision and trust that you will take care of him and his heart...i wish the best of luck to you - I'm sorry this has happened it sounds completely ludacris...if you need any other help let me know, GL!


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