Is there any hope for romance for anxiety and depressed people?

Would you date someone who was depressed or has anxiety? I would say I have a influential personality and a lot of people like to be around me cause I'm fun and empathetic, but I get a lot down moments and tend to keep myself around people who lift up my spirits. I open up to only close friends. but since iv been depressed the past 2 years (dad diagnosed with cancer and financial situations) iv been afraid to let any guy in. Iv had guys tell me that I should have opened up and let them understand me. but I'm afraid they will run away or not understand. Then I just come off as closed. I know ill live with this issue for my whole life and I don't want to be afraid to express it. how do I express it to a guy without sounding like I'm crazy. Would any guy love me? and how do I open up?



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  • sometimes you just have to take a break. I'm taking a break now because lately I've only met jerks so it doesn't really help me out.

    you got to stop and heal. once you heal, you'll be ok to date. likewise I go through periods of depression as well. as long as you got a counsellor and some really great friends, you'll be alright. don't let others get you down. take care!


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