What is the best way to let a guy down gently?

He's a really nice guy too. That's really all you need to know.

I was honest with him. I didn't say anything cruel. I simply sent him a short Facebook message. Thanks for the feedback.


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  • It just happened to me minutes ago. Let me tell you from the other side while these feelings are still fresh.

    I feel terrible. But this girl did it the right way.

    She sent me a message on Facebook thanking me for my gift, and that I was a nice guy, but she's sorry that she just doesn't have any feelings for me. She just wanted to clarify things.

    Yeah, it hurts, but this girl did it right, and she let me know, now I don't have to wonder anymore. It's a little liberating, in a bittersweet way.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Nice guys will appreciate up-front honesty from you - the rejection will sting no matter what, but at least someone who is honest about their feelings and communicates them in a straightforward, clear (yet not cruel) manner is doing the right thing in this situation - and that's to be respected.

  • This happened to me not long ago also. Upfront honesty is really the only way to go, just say how you feel that you just don't share the same feelings for him. Sure it'll hurt but if he's really a nice guy he'll be respectful and understand.


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