Second chance?

So basically my ex broke up with me a few months ago saying needed to make sure he really loved me which I took as being bull. Although he wasn't the best boyfriend ever, I can't get over him as much as I've tried. I don't know if he feels the same way which can be a probability. I am so confused and I just want to get a second chance just to make sure it wasn't a mistake. I still like him and I can never get him out of my head. I see him everyday and I pretend like I'm okay and he believes it. We sometimes text and rarely talk to each other. It's always awkward when we're together but I really want that to change. But how do I get him back? I want to give it another try and the break-up really affected me and it still does (I am currently going through a depression a which he isn't aware about). I don't want to feel this way because it hurts too much but I cannot deny my feelings for him either.


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  • you're under 18, he isn't the best boyfriend ever, you're confused...need to take a step back. write a list of why it didn't work out and then one why you want to get back with this guy. see which one list is better. and go with that one. do want to do. let him know that you're in depression. but be smart about what you decide to do.


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