Girls, Crazy girl and her games what do you think?

A girl that I was dating broke up with me a 6 months back, I left and figured that was the end of it.

Then shortly after that she began calling my phone and hanging up.
(I know its her.. it was a cute thing she did when we dated)

But it was on a schedule - every week and its been going on the whole time.

At first, I called back to see what she wanted - but she didn't answer - so I thought it was her idea of messing with me. So I stopped calling back.

hasn't stopped.


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  • I really think she's trying to mentally get to you.
    If she really wanted to talk to you or had something meaningful to say, she would refrain from the childish games she's playing.
    All I see here, is phone tag.
    She calls---hangs up.
    You call---no answer.
    She calls---hangs up.
    You call---no answer.
    I would stop reciprocating.
    I wouldn't call her anymore.
    Don't feel bad, because it WILL NOT change a thing.
    If she really wants to speak with you, nothing will stop her.
    She will leave you a message or voicemail.
    I think you should move on.

    • I only did that once or twice... i figured that was a game.

      But she kept at it.. long after...

      thats a lot of effort!

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  • You know what is good and bad about crazy girl at the same time? You can never predict what she will do

    • That's the scary part!

  • She is playing mind games and what girl has no life to be on schedule like that for a mind game with her ex?
    You dodged a bullet by not being with her... seriously

    • here lately she has been showing up with some guys that are in my classes - its been months what kind of crazy shit is this right?

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    • I'll just keep ignoring her for now - i mean how long can this last?

      Most people have better things to do than to mess with someone they dumped you know?

    • Clearly she doesn't

  • I would block her number. Or text her and be like, why are you calling me and hanging up?

    • i confronted her and she denied it, said i was stalking her (this is after she somehow managed to show up with some guys i know) - i dont know how that works...

  • Possibly she keeps wanting to call you but changing her mind and hanging up

    • its possible, but that would imply that its when she has an emotional moment

      this is a schedule type thing

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    • Then why not actually call and let the phone ring like a normal person?

      Why not answer when I called back (the first couple of times)?

      Its a game with no win.

    • I don't know go to her house and ask her

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