If you have had a divorce; what were the reasons behind it?

I'm coming from a nonjudgemental place, as I have seen many people in my life get divorced. My profession has one of the highest divorce rates among other leading professions, so it brings the question to me, as why some people get divorced. I'll provide a poll, but please include more info such as how long you were married, what the tipping point was, and what age you got married. You can remain anonymous, and ill do my best to ensure there will be no drama on this question.

  • realized we weren't compatable
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  • infidelity
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  • grew apart
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  • abuse
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  • stress from life
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  • stress from work
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  • feeling unappreciated
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  • I haven't 🙂

  • Gah, people like me want to see the results but if you don't leave an option to see the results people will pick a random category to see the results which has the effect of ruining said poll.

  • I've been divorced. Was married at a young age. I was 20, she was 18. After 14+ years of marriage, she decided she didn't want to anymore. We were married 15+ years when the divorce became final. I asked her why. She said for 2 reasons.

    1. I was too controlling. (OK, I could see that and try to be better and allow her the freedom she was wanting.)

    2. I was sexually abusive. (Really? How? She said I gave her oral sex. And this was after her and I doing that periodically over a period of 13 years of our marriage.)

    Regardless, there was nothing I could do to recover the marriage. This all happened suddenly to me. I was totally blindsided, thinking I'd never be divorced. My job did take me out of town quite often, a total of about 2-3 months a year (a couple weeks at a time here and there).

    I hated divorce before it happened to me and I hate it even more now that I've been there.

    • Thank you for your opinion. I know divorce can be devastating, and I'm very sorry that you weren't able to save your marriage.

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