I miss him so much. I know it's not over but what do I do?

I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years almost 2weeks ago. We had a heated argument bus I went through his phone n saw things a girl should trip over. One thing escalated 2another n I left n hvent seen him. He msgs me he's sorry and misses me. I ddnt reply til the next day told him I wsnt ready. He said ok I understand, bye. I instantly fell for it and said "don't say bye". He said what else am I supposed to say. I wanted 2 talk about the situation like adults and he said yes bcus he "hated this shit" I went to his house n he looked awful. He looked worse than I did during the breakup. Like he used anti-depressants n more than likely coke. All I did was cry n slept less. I askd him did u want to talk about it, he was hiding his feelings. He asked how I was doin I told him i was gearing up 4 school n he was lookin 4 jobs "Well u know I'm sorry and I didn't want u to wonder, I just wanted to see u, and pretend.." he acted like he ddnt want 2 talk about it. I tried but nothing. He started 2 deny what happened. I told him "I'm not pretendin, u wntd attention" n left. So he sent me a text frm whatsapp bcus he's in a bad situation in his life so his phone is off. It said "I just wanted 2 see u guess we're too different". I told him "we agreed 2 b civil. I cnt change u 2 the person u used 2 b when we were happy" I +'d "ur mom thinks u changed as well, U wanted 2 pretent. I'm not ur blame, n u can't keep beating me dwn 4 whatever, I refuse" then ended it with "I wish it was something I culd do, but I can't.." He has not replied. I think he wanted a rise out of me n it worked. I love him so much for it to end. I know I can't do anything... What do u think of the situation?

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  • Your ex. boyfriend needs a lot of work.
    Not only did he cheat on you, but he also seems as if he's playing a victim role so you can feel sorry for him.
    I mean, he stopped taking physical care of himself and even resorted to coke.
    Was he on drugs while in a relationship with you?
    Even if he wasn't the fact that he resorted to harsh drugs so fast, leads me to believe he is emotionally unstable.
    Someone that is, is a recipe for disaster in any relationship.
    You won't stop caring about him over night because you both have had times together which were pleasant.
    But he needs to get help before he can be with any one.
    No matter what relationship he has, he will always exhibit problems or betray his love one, because he is broken inside.
    I'd wish him the best and walk away.
    It's hard, but you have to.
    He did this to himself.
    Never feel bad for re-acting to an action that was wrong.
    Best wishes. <3


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