Guys would this ruin things with my ex?

He dumped me, and moved in with a friend. It had been a couple months but he was nice, talkative and flirty with me. I figured he was just being nice like he does to everyone(sorta) but I sent his things back to him (we lived together) since I figured we were over.

The next day he was rude and the day after that I saw him in person and asked if he was mad at me because he was rude. He said that he wasn't mad and he didn't notice that he was rude. I could COMPLETELY tell he was lying. but since then he isn't flirty or anything with me. So did I ruin things?


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  • Girl, have you got your head screwed on right?

    He dumped you and moved on with a friend. That was fine?

    He was flirting with you after dumping you and while he was with someone else. That was not rude?

    You are worried about how he is behaving after you rightfully gave his stuff back to him?

  • Ruin? By giving him back things that are his -- when he is not living with you anymore? I don't see how keeping his stuff was some sign of your relationship staying normal. Ummm he dumped you and moved in with somebody probably could have just gave or donated his stuff to somebody if he didn't make the effort to come get it in a timely manner.


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