Why did he ignore me?

Hi everyone, I have a question about my ex boyfriend. We broke up 2 months ago and its basically a long story. Long story short, I told him mean things and he took them to the heart and now he completely hates me. We’ve been together 8 months and everything was perfect until I told him I fell out of love for him, and told him horrible things and some things about regretting him and yada yada. If anyone IS interested just look at my past questions about him. I want more opinions on why he acted the way he did yesterday towards me. So yesterday I was working and I was behind the register and I see these two guys come in, one of them was my ex and the other was his friend. They came in like they were the bomb or something, walked inside the store and went around to the refrigerator section to get a bottle of Snapple…this gets better (not really). So they got the Snapple, my exes friend bought the Snapple. So they were standing online and my ex was hiding behind his friend because of me. I don't know what he was thinking, but hiding behind his friend from me is really childish and silly. He was mumbling something while his friend was being rung up, his friend says “whats up?” to me and I politely say “hey”. w/e ..i looked fine, wasn’t hiding or anything, just shivering and shaking. Sigh, my question here is out of all the stores why did they come in to my store? They could’ve gone to another store across the street or another retail store, why mine? My ex didn’t even say hi to me, can you guys please tell me why he didn’t even look at me, say hello? Acknowledge my existence? Why was he hiding? And why was he mumbling and acting like he's so cool? Meanwhile his friend wasn’t even listening to his mumbles. Which is funny. Fyi, my ex turned into a sweet shy guy into a complete jackass. Help!


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  • You need to understand that not all of your ex boyfriends are going to want to be friends with you after the relationship is dead. Going back to being just friends just dosn't work out for all people which could be why your ex is now ignoring you.


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