Girls, im married with 2 children, have been with my wife over 10 years, I have sexual thoughts of other women, how do I leave?

im a young man with a high sex drive, i was not as cute when i was younger, now it seems women throw themselves at me somewhat, or i get bored with my wife, she's not fun in bed or at times to be around. she nags and complains too much, says she not in the mood, what do i do?


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  • Don't you want to fight for what you have built all of these years?
    You are a young man with children, not one who's running around with no responsibility.
    Try to make things work with your wife before calling it quits.
    That's what marriage is all about.
    Have you spoken to her about any of this?
    Have you let her know that you are literally on the last thread?
    Have you decided to seek marriage counseling?
    She has to be willing to acknowledge the errors on her part and fix them before your marriage even has a chance.
    If she is not willing, then this marriage will continue to crumble. You have every right to want to leave at that point.
    But don't leave without trying.
    Your children deserve that effort.

    • I've been through hell with her and back, our communication leads to me in jail twice, I've cheated several times more then i can count on my fingers jus to go home happy somedays... she spitefully cheated on me, now we back together for a year. last thread, more like there is none left, im trying to make the smoothest transition out without hurting anyone and still being mutually capable of parenting together.

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  • How do you leave with your head hanging in shame.
    So she was good enough for you when you were "not as cute" but now they throw themselves at you which should let you know that they are superficial and here in 10 years when you're 30 lbs heavier and half bald sitting there scratching your ass wondering why your alone remember this, its cuz you left a woman that accepted you for you and didn't care that you weren't a price of arm candy. And why so you can run around fucking more offten.
    You should

  • there's a difference between not being satisfied sexually in your marriage and actually wanting a divorce because you are unhappy in general. If you want to leave you have to communicate with her an tell her you're not happy.

    • how about unhappy in general, not sexually happy, afraid if i leave her i leave my kids (her revenge for me leaving is not seeing my kids) which she knos hurts me cuz my dad left me so i swore i would never do that to my kids. we have done group couples counseling and that was all hell!!! even tho every one in the group was great with sharing there stories she walked out on several classes leavin me alone and shaking my head

    • Go contact your lawyer so she can't take them away from you.

  • Well, you think first and wonder if it's not a case of "grass seem greener on the other side". You have to be totally sure about it.
    There is no easy step for leaving. You plan a little ahead so you don't end up in the street and you tell her why

    • no matter what i know im missing a lot of opportunities to grow, make more money and travel etc.. women are all over but only 1 high school sweetheart by the way... am i being selfish? when i do get some sex with her its good but not great... its always there though... divorce her or go play in the grass and when im done come home and wash off?

    • Yes, it would be selfish. And I don't necessarily mean it in a good or bad way but if you did this, you would only think about you.
      I understand your problem because I've seen it with girl friends of mine. They only had one serious boyfriend and they kept wondering how it would be like with other men and if they weren't rushing into it because they didn't know how it was like elsewhere.
      So, I do understand but you also have to understand that it's not a free pass. If you leave, it's not fair to your wife tom come back later.
      If you leave, it's done, you have to move on and leave your wife behind.
      As sex, did you really try to talk to her about it? Communication is so important. I know sex was always good with my boyfriend but ever since I really began to communicate on the subject, it became SO great.

    • the communication I've had with her is either "ill i won't do that" or we try something that to me does not seem great jus ok.. im looking for that great sex.. oh my god lose of words and feelings... what am i missing? stress at home with kids does not help either, dating is limited.