If you loved someone, and they just cut all communication after they broke up with you. There heart wasn't 100% in the game?

I was with my s/o for over a year. I was in a really controlled/ mentally /verbally/emotional relationship prior to my recent ex. So I had a wall up, but he bulldozed it down lol. He treated me like a queen. Door opening, flower getting, feet rubbing kinda guy. He was 5 years younger then I, which made me nervous when he first approached. I warned him in the beginning that I was a mess, and told him he is basically asking to pre-board the titanic knowing it might sink. He didn't care, so I gave him a chance. We had plans to marry, kids even a house plan. All his idea. We lived together shared vehicles.

. BEST decision I have made. Made me happy etc... Blah blah.. I had issues with addiction in the past, I also told him this. He told he he would only leave me if he couldn't get me off of it. (I wasn't doing anything at the time and was clean) I just wanted him to know if I had a fall back... How would he handle it? I struggle with depression and anxiety due to childhood and past relationships. If i were to go out drinking with friends, I would feel I had to hide it from him because I thought he would be upset so I hid it from him. Of course he finds out and asks if I went out. I say no. Scared he would get mad, but he told me he doesn't care what I did and to be straight up. So I did tell him and apologized. We moved forward.

So I was going through a hard time with memories in my head and I started using again, (I know that isn't they way to go) Behind his back, again scared he would leave me if he found out. I knew I had to tell him. So I did remembering him saying he would support me and not leave. I told him, he wasn't happy. Said he felt betrayed, and I lied to him again. He stayed told me he would support me regardless. I was working on getting addictions treatment, which I am now. Things couldn't be better. 2 days after I told him he left for work, and was gone a week. Talked to me everyday, he loved me etc... Well he came home and told

Me he couldn't be in a relationship with no trust. Had his friend come in our home and they just started packing all his stuff. I felt beyond betrayed and lied to. False promises. Now he won't even contact me. He just total cut. me out. of his life like fat on a steak.


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  • It sounds like he was 100% in and is now 100% out


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