My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me but still texts me?

My boyfriend of 3 and a bit years broke up with me due to trust issues of me not telling him about money situations, me getting out loans to help my brother out multiple times and he gave me chances to tell him but I didn't, I'm unsure why, I just never did.

He he broke up with me and said at the time he didn't want to get back together. However he still texts me and snap chats me - he initiates it. He hasn't taken our relationship status off Facebook after I told him that he had to do that. It's been 3 weeks since we broke up.

His texts are usually about what I'm doing and how my day has been. He has asked to hang out with me. But I said I was busy. I'm confused what he wants from me?

I've told him I'm confused what he wants from me and he said he needs some time and that we should just pray about it (yes we go to church together) and see how we feel about it later.. It's been 3 weeks and I miss him heaps and still love him but I don't want to be strung along and he knows this.

What does he mean by texting me and keeping our relationship on Facebook?

Im just confused


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  • lol.. I felt you have bigger issue compare to him, and you still think about him so much? 🤔

    He is confused, but you are even more confused and now I'm confused 😅

    if both have questions, both should just ask each other directly or both prefer some guessing game rather than resolving the issue? 😑

    he gotta know what he wants in the first place? need some time? need some time for what? do you felt any progress after giving each other "time"?

    no one knows what a man is thinking when he is doing all this, only he needs to know what he wants. 🙂


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