After a month do guys start to miss their ex? need help on my situation?

my ex and i had a history of being on and off, and each time he texted me again and we got back together, he would tell me how badly he missed me or he would say 'you have no idea how much i missed you'
he would be so good to me after getting back together and treat me so nice to keep me
last month, he went so out of control again and crossed so many lines and hit rock bottom and the emotional abuse and pushing me away the pain he put me through, him admitting that he was cheating, him calling me names, just being a jerk, i finally left and blocked all contact from him. i never felt so much heartache my entire life. i still think of him every day and secretly wish he would find me in person to apologize. but he hasn't. i wonder if he will ever miss me 'badly' again and regret his actions? or the fact that he had so much shit in his life like his financial issues, being laid off from his job, his dad passing away years ago, him sleeping around with so many women, all were him just pushing me away?


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  • These on offs never work out. The breakups just keep happening sooner and sooner. Just end it and move on


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