Should I talk to him although he broke up with me or should I forgive him and move tf on?

WELL I've been talking to this guy for 4months now the first 3months we were like texting and only saw each other on 2occasions so we got together this month and started hanging out but... my sister told me her fren told her she heard a rumour about him ( it fried cooked my head to be honest ) I went to work and my collages who from the same neighborhood told me the same thing I went to confront him about and Girls u know this part ( ohhh Babyyy its not true ).. But yet part of the rumour says his bestiee was the watchman 😑😑i got so angry that I cursed while talking to him😑😑😑😠😠and then I went home to wake up to a message saying we done πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ df what to do honestly I feel to talk to him but I don't wanna look desperate or anything I was thinking to give him 2weeks to talk back to me after that I would move on


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  • Follow your prompting, if someone says it is over, then believe him. It will keep hurting you if you do not forgive him.


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