Girls, Why has the girl I was dating for three months ended things with me 4 months before I go travelling for a year?

I have known this girl for three years and recently we finally hooked up, she's always known i've liked her but we were both in relationships at the time. Things were good but she was adamant that she didn't want a relationship and I agreed as I was leaving to go travelling in 6 months. However things progressed and got more serious we would text everyday and it got to a point where she would ring me every day. She told me one drunken night that she didn't want me to leave, she told her parents all about me and how happy I made her and told me I was good for her as I bring out the loving softer side of her. One weekend I acted possesive and made a mistake, I expected her to change plans with friends and work her whole weekend around me. She compromised but I expected more so we had an argument and she snapped telling me she didn't want a relationship as it's not the right timing and she wants to be free and single. We spoke the next day and she said we should stop seeing each other as there is no future in this as I am leaving to go travelling and she doesn't want to get attached or be tied down. She said we could no longer be casual and that it had got too serious. She did say however that she hopes we speak again when I get back from travelling. I felt like she was falling for me as we spent nearly every weekend together for 3 months sometimes seeing each other after work as well. Only a week before ending things with me she text me whilst I was on holiday telling me she missed me. She then spent the night round mine the day i got back. I am so confused, I feel like I was used and it has nothing to do with travelling because surely if you really like someone you want to be around them and in contact with them. We have spoke since but sparingly and she says she doesn't think we should start dating again however she agreed to go for a drink with me before I leave. I now know she is talking to another guy and I feel insecure about this. Any advice would be great!


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  • Ask her why