Why is it so hard to let go?

So i know this might sound a bit strange and rare to you guy but i fell in love with my second cousin and he did too. We knew each other from the palm of our hands and loved each other. One night i sneaked off to see him and give him his Christmas and he gave me mine. Sadly that was the last time i would regret for doing that. He called me one night crying that we just couldn't continue the relationship because his parents were apposed to it and it ended. I couldn't explain how much it hurted me to even see him in family parties and just see him act so different when he promised me that we would still be friends. But i just feel like when he sees me... it hurts him and somehow i feel that too. A couple of days ago i went to visit an aunt that lives close to them and i had to enter inside his room and that's when i saw that he still had the Christmas present onto of his shelf. I was curious to go touch it and see if the love letter was still inside but i couldn't. I remember he would never keep anything from his ex's but... then... again... he kept it. I still have mine but i have it saved somewhere no one can see it. And it's just strange to me he would still have it. I don't what to do. I don't how i can even speak to him again. I felt like we left things unsaid. Can someone tell me why he still have that? I just need help.


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  • He probably saved it to think about you and to remember the way things use to be. Try to move on and date another guy. It's going to keep hurting because you see him a lot.


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