How many days, how many years does it take to get over someone who you truly love?

How many days, months or years does it take to forget someone.


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  • Depends on how long you dated and how deep in love you were. Some people move on quickly while others don't


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  • Depends entirely on how deeply you were in love (ex: if you built up dreams and hopes of marrying her, this is much more challenging) and your ability to move on.

    Moving on is going to be easier if you have something you can fall in love with something (doesn't have to be someone), putting her to the back of your mind. Being idle is also bad, as you have a tendency to reflect a lot in those circumstances. So it helps to keep yourself not idle, to engage your brain in some activity you're really starting to enjoy that doesn't involve her.


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  • It depends on you, only u! not how much u were in love or anything else!
    Someppl have the ability to move on and adapt, it is a skill also that can be learnt!

  • After Emily died, it took me two years to get over losing her.

    • I am sorry but how it happen. If you don't mind

    • She overdosed. She had a problem, and went to lengths to keep it a secret from me. Her brother spilled the beans after she died. She got caught up with a bad crowd in high school, and they got her mixed up in some really bad legal mess. She did time for that. Then she went to a party, and some of those same bad friends got her into drinking and marijuana. And one of them took advantage of her drunk and got her pregnant. After her daughter was born, at one point eventually, marijuana turned into heroin.

      I would have done more to intervene, and could have possibly saved her life. But she went to lengths to keep me from knowing how much trouble she was really in. She was too embarrassed. When she OD'd, I had too many of my own problems to be of much help to her.

      Wouldn't have stopped me from trying if only I knew, but trying to play the hero for her probably would've gotten me either wrongly accused and jailed, or outright killed. So perhaps it's best the temptation was removed.

  • About 10 decades.

    • What happen why it so difficult to forget someone like this

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    • @takumii lost is she kidnapped or is she died how you lost her as she get marry to someone?

    • Forgive me, but, tonight, I just don't want to discuss it - especially any details. However, every single one of us has to deal with loss that you never "get over". Sure, there might be some "replacement" which helps getting over the loss, but, more often than not, it's not the same thing, so you are haunted for the rest of your life by that loss. That's why I wrote 10 decades - that's 100 years so you should be dead by then; that's when you "get over it".

  • Yo gotta know new people to accelerate that.

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