Shall I push her to talk with me or not?

Hi guys here I am again my girlfriend broke up with me a month ago, but I'm still missing and loving her,
Our relationship was going for more than 4 years..

I miss her as hell, tried to call her but no response, she just doesn't answer my phone calls
or type one me.. Perhaps she might want to get rid me off from her life, but I don't want this to happen

but already one month is gone, but one friend told me you're still unready while thinking every day about her, he told me wait 2 weeks and then try to reach her, if she doesn't want to talk anything to you maybe it was for good.


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  • It sadly seems, @DarkManX that She has Moved on after a 'Month ago' and Now... May just need some much needed time for herself right now.
    I say 'Moved on' but with His and Her History 'For more than 4 years,' there could come a time in another month or more that she is Missing the Kissing and she just Might... Respond.
    For now, although you are so sick at Heart and it's tearing you Apart, Try and Focus on you and take advantage of some time that you probably never got when you both were hooked at the hip.
    Give her some space and time and don't try right now to 'Call her.' When she suddenly Sees the calls have Ceased, she could come around with no frown.
    Good luck. xx

    • Honestly I writed in my previous post last year she was pregnant and she decide to have an abortion, after the abortion her sister started talking negative against me every single day, perhaps she listened to her opinion and finnaly decide to broke up with me...
      I don't know will she try to call me anymore after this situation, since she had trust in me and I failed. Also she was blaming me only for this pregnancy saying you was the one who was supposed to protect me and her sister now said the same, that I'm only guilt for that...

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    • Yes but already, one month is gone but she also said to her girlfriend don't worry I'd not contact him an things like that, so one more month and... omg I'd prefer kill myself

    • It has Only been One month, still new breakup... more time down the love line so see if something might change. In the meantime, YOU focus on You and try and begin getting your own life in order. Leave this in God's hands, it has a way of letting you know whether to hang in there or to just... Let Go. xxoo

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  • Sounds like she doesn't want any communication and as much as it sucks, you're gonna have to respect that.

    • I think so, what about if she decide to call me after couple months? I believe she want to try somebody else or more than one lets say, since her sister had 15 private partners currently, and I think she is trying to say the same thing to her.
      Anyway I need to stop torturing myself with these things, and perhaps wait she to reach me...

  • Sorry but there's nothing you can do. By trying to contact her its just pushing her further away and coming off as creepish. there's many fish in the sea, wait until you find your sea. Your so young you haven't even lived life

    • There is but I think I won't love girl anymore after this relationship, I said to her that I can't love another girl at least for now.. she is just deep inside my heart and I'm not like a person who will chase the other girls right after the break up, but honestly my feelins are realy messed up sometimes I feel bad sometimes better and it often changes.

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  • Hanging on when she doesn't want you is rather pathetic. Of course these things hurt and you should take your time to recover but you must accept the inevitable. If you truly love her and she says that you are not The One who will make happy forever, then you must let her be free to seek happiness elsewhere.

    • I agree with that, maybe is the best to wait for her to return a call, otherwise there is no reason to irritate her by calling or smth like that

  • Probably best to leave it for now man. Remember the more you call and harass her the less she will like you. Try to care less and see what happens.

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