Why is my ex texting me when he has a girlfriend?

About four months ago me and my ex of two years broke up, a week later he was with another girl. I guess she told him off not too long after that saying he was selfish (he was about somethings but he wasn't about others). For a week or so we would text, usually telling each other the harsh truth about each other and ask each other hard questions. Now only every once in a while he will text me how's it going, or something to that affect. About a week ago he announced on fb that he is in a relationship, she has the same name as me (which I think is funny). Today he texted me again, I responded appropriately but so he wouldn't have to respond, but why would he do that since he just got a new girl? Does he want to remain in contact to be friends or what? I wouldn't appreciate him texting other girls when we were together, especially if it was his ex, it's weird.


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  • I say avoid him!