Girls, I changed my mind about friends, did I screw up?

After telling my ex (of 10 days now) that I didnt' want to see her or talk to her unless she could love me... I felt bad and sent her a text saying I'd be there for her as a friend if she needed me.. I know she's going through a lot and I wanted her to know that I did care...

Did I screw up?


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  • Why does she need to love you?

    • The reasons behind the break up are ultimately that she's not into me as much as I'm into her... I've scared her off with constantly telling her how much I love her (because I really do), and I think she thinks she's doing the right thing for me (as well as her) by letting me go... She likes me, but has never loved me and I've done some things wrong... weather it was to over pursue and be seen as needy, or occasionally irritate her with certain personality traits... in the end, we've had a lot of good times and some not so good... she's always had bad relationships in the past and no man has ever loved her like me (her own words)... She's dumped be before and we stayed friends.. this was the first break up where I said I didn't want that... and thus, why I reversed myself.. I care too much to leave her alone, and she is very alone.. we're both in Hawaii and away from family and she's not happy out here.

    • You can't force someone to love you. She is doing the right thing by letting you go because she is letting you go find someone that actually loves you. She knows you deserve to be loved but not by her.