Girls, do you have commitment-phobia?

I find myself in a situation with a woman that I love deeply and has run from me twice just as things start to get real. When we first started going out she admitted that she had "commitment issues". Naturally since I'm into this woman and things are progressing well I think to myself "Well why would you be committed to anyone that wasn't me?". I know that may sound arrogant however, I didn't think that because I feel that I'm better than anybody else. I think that because we are so compattable. I generally don't look at things in terms of better or worse. I see things in terms of compatibility to which her and I have in amounts so great that people feel compelled to tell say it to us constantly.

So the situation now is that she's with this old crush of hers. We still talk, message and see each other pretty regularly. She doesn't tell him that we hang out. She only introduced me as a friend when he came to her bar and I was there. She tells me she's afraid that she's going to walk all over him which seems odd because she's never tried that with me. She still wears the bracelet I gave to her for Christmas that has my pet name for her on it. She still admits that she loves me. She's tried the "I still care for you deeply" crap, but when I make her look in my eyes and say "Bullshit. You LOVE me." she looks down and says "I know". She's told me she she's probly gonna get bored with this guy. Mutual friends think the same. So wtf is she doing? Why is she with this guy?

After some reseach I found some articles that CLEARLY describe what she's going through and why she's doing it. I'm just curious if any of you women out there relate to what either of these articles are saying about running away from love and could tell me a bit about your experiences dealing with it.


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  • yeah because i am afraid that it will end

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