Crazy Women that Stalk and the Twisted reasons?

I been 'stalked' a few times, most women loose interest after a week or two at most.

In high school, one girl went as far as going out with a guy in my clique to get my attention. But she went away soon after that.

BUT there was one girl (recently) that went ABOVE and BEYOND that after we broke up. Months after we broke it off she moved in with a guy from my classes (my grad program had like 10 people - so it was a crazy coincidence huh?) and was showing up everywhere I was. (Even if her guy wasn't there - she was!)

This went on.. and on... she got bolder and bolder every month.

I tried confronting her once or twice and she angrily told me to leave her alone and that I was stalking her!

I finished and left - she dumped that guy and went back to her type of guys.

Since she was the one that broke it off in the first place... I never understood what was her deal?

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  • He's crazy

    • yeah i figured, but everything has a reason or a foundation as to why? you know?

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