Searching how to get my ex back. What do I miss?

I keep researching how to get my ex back, and I keep seeing this saying,"Do you miss him, or do you miss the relationship?" I would like to say that I miss HIM. And I would like to hear what you all feel to make sure if I'm right or not.

I think about him everyday.

I think about why the relationship didn't work, and where I went wrong, and where he might have gone wrong.

I try to apply that to my life to improve.

I miss seeing him.

I miss listening to how he felt, or what he was thinking.

I miss listening to him, and I miss learning as much as I could about him.

I miss kissing him, and doing anything physical with him.

I miss being able to cheer him up.

I miss talking to him about his problems.

I miss relaxing around him and enjoying our time.

I miss all the fun we could have together.

When I see him my heart races and I think about what he might be thinking or how cute he is.

I've never been in a relationship.

But when I think about him, and what he offers. I can't help but see how right we are for each other ; he's everything I want.
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Searching how to get my ex back. What do I miss?
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