Will he come back?

i asked him "what are we" and he misunderstood and thinks I wanted more (relationship) and I didn't and it got blown out of hand. He likes me and I like him. he said because of everything we should just be friends now and I said I can't just be ur friend its all or nothing and for the past couple days he hasn't been telling me what he wants. Last night in person he we can't go back to how things were and I said ok then I can't be ur friend.. he hit me up later that night and said he changed his mind and he doesn't wanna stop talking to me, I said too late you made up ur mind. today I said are you sure this is what you want cause I figured id be nice and make sure he said he didn't want things to turn out this way but things aren't gonna work out. Since I said I can't be his friend we can't talk at all, I said that's that and called him pathetic for throwing everything away because of a simple question that he made complicated. I delted him from bbm, Facebook, and my phone. I delted him from bbm before he could respond. do you think he will come back?

i figured if I stayed his friend like he wanted me to id be giving him what he wants. I want him to realize what he's missing.


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  • yea leave him alone. most people (even if they aren't sure of their feelings) will miss their ex and wonder what they are up to. I'd say (unless he doesn't call) wait 3-4 weeks before you contact him again. see what happens

  • I think he will come back if you give him a reason to and if you think about it, he came back and you turned him down again, maybe you should go to his house (since you deleted his number) and say that you were wrong to say you didn't want to be friends and that you would like him in your life, but make sure that if you want to have the deciding vote you don't say anything like "if that's okay with you" cause that means the rest of your relationship will be in his power, you need to try and make it a mutual decision if you can :)

    Hope I Hepled! Best Of Luck x


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