We had a thing for four months but nothing happened. Should I date him again?

So this september I started at new school.

Within the first day I met this boy and he became one of my best friends.

we hit it off right away and we both started to really like each other.

basically I have been seeing this guy for five months.

You know we flirt with each other non-stop we hold hands were always together everyone always asks us if were dating but we say no. He said previously that he's wanted to kiss me he just thought I would get mad so I told him I wouldn't and still three months later nothing . He claims I'm to hard to make a move on.. then he started texting my best friend telling her he thinks she's hot and personally I didn't mind but then he started telling her he really liked her and he was very flirty around her, but when I confronted him about it he said that wasn't true. I liked him a lot and now he's lieing to me because I saw the texts. So I told him whatever this was that we had its over. He then asked for the second chance , I caved in and gave it to him but things went back to the way they were before so I started seeing someone else and was kinda shady towards him not being all cuddley and whatever with him. He asked me if I think we should just be friends and I told him how I was seeing someone else. He knew of the person and then he immediately changed. He texted my best friend back saying I DONT LIKE YOU F**K OFF to I guess prove to me he still likes me . then he asked me if he waits for this thing to be over with this other guy if me and him could try again. What I want to know is if I should say yes. Because I don't know if he's scincer like if finally me leaving was the reality he need to see maybe he likes me a lot more then he thought or does he just miss the fact that he dosnt have a arm candy by his said 24/7 ?


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  • No. Leave him. You have someone you like right now. If he's hurt that you won't give him a THIRD chance, then he should have thought about that the first time he hurt you. If the guy can't stop flirting with girls while he's dating you, he's not the guy you want to be around. Second chances, yes, I do believe in second chances, but what he's doing is ridiculous. That's not okay... If I were you, I would avoid being his friend, too. I don't mean to be all harsh, but it looks to me like there's going to be a whirlwind of drama swirling around this kid as the months roll on. Flirting and dating multiple girls is ALWAYS a drama tonado. Find someone who actually puts their money where their mouth is. Find someone that actually cares about you rather than just saying that they do.


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  • sounds like a not very turstble guy but I think you should make the next move because he isent going to do it, after that you can deside what's going to happen if you really like him go for it you might have fun :)


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