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So, I have been seeing this guy I really like after work, and lately we have been fooling around more often. However, during work he doesn't say much. I know he is afraid (like me) of getting caught and then getting fired, but is there a way for us to make it seem like it is all normal and STILL be flirtatious at work but not extreme where it truly interfers with our work? Also, at times I get this feeling like he isn't interested because usually he talks more with our two male coworkers than he does with me. I mean, he still teases me and makes fun of me and will say a sexual joke that him and I only understand, but I am trying to get to know him a bit more. Not saying I want a serious relationship with this guy, but he is cool and I would like to get to know him some more w/o making it obvious at work that him and I are doing anything. I know most guys don't talk alot, unless they are with males because I guess they think that females will question on how they 'feel' on topics. Any advice on this situation? FYI, I am knew to relationships because I never dated in highschool because I was focused on school work and now I am in college and now I am open to dating someone. So please bare in mind that I am knew to understanding the signals of the opposite sex when it comes to relationships


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  • well its better if you keep it real kool at work.bad times to get fired.

  • My advice would to be careful. I hate to say it but most guys are generally jerks. Don't let yourself get used. If your a novice and he is not he will be able to sense that and pretty much bend you to his will.

    I would say show him your not a floor mat right off the bat. Go ahead and flirt with him a little at work, that is normal. Just find a spot between siblings and sexual harassment suit. It's not weird for co workers to hang out so if you want to get to know him better than do so and put him in a situation where "fooling around" is NOT an inevitable end.


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