Should I get back with my Ex?

Me and my ex boyfriend been together for a good 10months. When we first met it was a natural trust with each other, we were both obese with each other in a loving way. He just graduated as a firefighter but before then he was struggling financially while he was going through school, and that's when it began him acting differently. A week after graduating he tells me that he wants to break up with me, because he can't afford me right now. I understand that he is use to taking me shopping, taking me out, and paying for it all. He has never once let me pay anything for him. Now he is saying he wants to get himself together and that he can't afford me. We have gone through a lot, and no matter what, we have always came back to each other. Therefore, apart of me feels like its not over.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Well how about you convince him that he doesn't have to be a mule and pay for everything? That is if you yourself are decent enough to not expect it from him.

  • guys dont understand how girls brains work and girls dont understand how guys brrains work what i am trying to say is give him a try reach out to him. let him know that you are not interested in his cash that you will stuick with him even if he is broke show him how you feel


What Girls Said 1

  • If he didn't let you pay for anything and was always the one saying he would pay for dinner or he would buy you things, then he can't say that he can't afford you because it was his choice not to be able to afford you. He should talk to you about how he's struggling and tell you that he isn't able , for the time being , to be able to pay for things. He should communicate with you rather than breaking up with you.