Should You Take It?

When someone offers you food is the polite thing to do to accept it?

If you are offered some should you take some even if you don't really want it?

If you are offered something and you decline what does the person who offered think?

This isn't talking about weird things like you'd see on Bizarre Foods, just normal foods like say pretzels or something.


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  • Depends what you mean. If someone is sitting there eating potato chips or candy and they're like "want some?" Then no, you don't have to accept.

    If you are at someone's house and they serve you food, its rude not to eat it or at least eat some and if you really don't like it, then say, "oh... I'm full... you know, I'm a grazer. Maybe I'll take some home with me." - And then throw it out when you get home.


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