Second Third forth fifth time a charm?

I have been with my boyfriend for about 2 years and it's been a hell of a roller coaster. He does have a 5 year old son who has basically became mine and who calls me mom. Throughout our realtionships we have broke up about 5 times and he has made me sleep in my car several times. He has an angry issue and very non empathetic. He lost his job months and months ago and been using my money to pay off all his bills with no assistance from him. He has been caught talking and seeing other women a couple times but dumb me thinks it will change and it never does. In the last week I found him texting 2 of his ex girlfriends and tells me I only talked to them for a second what's the big deal. These were the same girls that broke us up a couple times during our relationship. I know it times to leave but he is very manipulative and makes me feel like everyone needs is my fault and that I'm nobody.
How is a good way to get out of this relationship so I can finally be happy
and treated with respect.


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  • So his dishing out the "nobody will want you" type of thing? So he can trap you in staying in the relationship? Wow. You just have to do it. Just pack up your things and get out. It's so much harder that he has a son and his son calls you his mum. But, you have to do what makes you feel happy.. Because his treating you like shit and is probably cheating on you. Just do it girl, once you have.. Delete everything of his out of your life. Phone numbers, photos, social media etc