Why is he still persisting to look at my profile?

There is nothing on it if interest to him at all.. it's near enough 3 years since he dumped me yet he's still doing it. I even gave him my Kik name so he would stop looking at my profile.. Only because he made me think I was speaking to someone else!

I've not mentioned a word about it in my profile nor contacting him about it... but it is getting to me now..

He doesn't want me back- nor does he have a desire to speak to me it's just the constant looking... I'm getting paranoid here.. is he laughing at me because I'm still single? isn't it time he left me alone.. will he leave me alone?

Most women would be flattered by the nosiness of an ex few months after being dumped! But 3 years come on..

I'm not one to post pictures of me with men on the Internet because to me that would be trying to make him jealous, but I don't want to make him jealous I've no interest in making him jealous either, it's just he's creeping me out...

what do you think? Get a boyfriend?

When he dumped me he said *yiu won't get better than me* is he stalking my profile to see if I will get better than him? If that's the case that's rather weird after 3 years is it not? Ps not looked at his profile! No interest in him after all the rotton stinking things he did to me.. it's because of his nastiness I'm still single, I'm so wary of Men my biggest fear is dating a man just like the ex... So I've stayed single to break a pattern but I'm ever so lonely though


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  • Do you feel like he's stalking you? It doesn't sound like that. If it were a stranger lurking there, I assume it wouldn't bother you like this. There could be various reasons why he's on your profile. Most of them are more sad than scary. Does it actually matter why, provided he leaves you alone?

    • He pretended to be someone else to get me to meet him a few months ago, I'm a bit scared if honest. He contacted me before that as himself asking me to meet up one last time for sex, I told him no and ignored him. I've ignored it this time as its new year new start etc. I only gave him my Kik which he hasn't contacted me on by the way, so if he wanted to chat he wouldn't need to contact me through a dating site, he's not contacted me at all on it, not that I'm bothered but it's my dating site profile I'm concerned about.. I'm still very hurt at the things he done to me even after these years and to be still the source of his and his friends amusement , I'm
      Not being bullied by him again. I'm very lonely and looking for company to date and go out do things so I'm staying on the dating site hopefully find myself a lovely person.. confidence level is zero though made worse by fruitloop stalking

    • In that case, it does seem like is interest is unhealthy. So I can see why you would be nervous about it. Doesn't the dating site allow you to block some people? That wouldn't prevent him from trying to deceive you again but if he did and you reported that I would expect the site to take down that account.

      It's still sad that he is obsessed with you 3 years after the breakup. He is clearly has more problems with confidence than you do, although that's little consolation for you. I agree that it's better to find a decent, honest guy to be in your life than to deliberately remain single to avoid guys like him.

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