Do you think this guy is really going to be different?

This is a failure to launch scenario. It started dancing with him then he saw a guy walk me to my car so when that guy left he asked my number. We hung out about a week later cause I was trying to get to know the other guy and the one was still texting me till he gave up and a week later he finally talked me into going to his place to meet more and have a beer. We talked. It felt comfortable I liked his image more in his home. He had baby mama drama and she stole his phone for a week he called to apologize we tried to meet up during the holidays I was working a ton of double shifts and I only had Christmas Day free. We talked about hanging out but it didn't line up. I met someone else for a bit to meet for drinks and talk to. I got distracted for a while. Now about 3 weeks later he is trying to say sorry and he didn't intend to be an asshole with me. That he wants another chance that I didn't deserve that and how he was going through awful stuff and lost his phone and had to find his old phone with my number so he could call me. How he wants to explain. I told him I go through shit every day I don't want a man that runs when life gets hard and expects me to understand. I need someone that will be there for me. And I have so little time I can't give it to people that don't be in my future. So I told him to figure out what he really wants

I met up with him yesterday! He had friends over his place was cozy as usual and he has yummy smells in his kitchen cause he cooks amazing his friends are relaxed mellow people very nice. we visited had beers homemade salsa &talked &laughed. Then finally we had epic sex &I saw nasty knife wounds scars he didn't want to talk about but it turned out later his ex did it she is psycho she described her before faking an abortion stealing his all his $. It felt so good close safe and adored desired
I think age wise he doesn't care that I'm older I am young at heart my friends at work think I am younger then them in my mid 30's. I just think we are ok age wise he needs someone that is stable not crazy jealous. Someone that also works hard and won't mooch &steal I use Spanish around his friends of all ages laugh contribute to the convo. He likes the positive & says I'm pretty & we both work tons hopefully I don't mess it up


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  • you won't know what's happening until you give yourself a chance to discover what's kinda relationship is that. show less interest in this relationship and the truth shall show itself.

    • I read your update and It's good to know that you got what you want.
      wish you a happy life and wonderful crazy love.

      Good luck...

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  • He might not be different than you expect from. However, the only way to know for sure is to give him another chance. You need to decide if he's worth giving another chance, knowing his situation.


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