Best ways of getting your ex back? without waiting 2-3months before contact?

Hi im wondering if any of you have some advice or experience.

Been friends with benefits with a guy for 6 months, the relationship was more then that, but thats how we called it, Now we broke up and I miss him really bad, the problem I really wanted a relationship he didn't at the beginning but now he does, he says he can't fall in love with me for that only happens at first sight, but he does care for me and love me, just not in love, he says he tried but we never did anything outside the bedroom. Now i want to win him back and initaite a relationship. I know the mistakes I made, I was to clingy, did not let him chase me, pushed him to much and even though it came from a good place it was wrong. Now I'm doing the no contact rule and I want to message him in a week, we have been separate for 2 weeks then and ask him to meet up casually, he does want to remain friends, he used to have an on and off relationship with his ex of 4 years, who i think is also the part why he might not be ready to fall in love yet, even though they were separate almost 1 year before we got togehter.

now no judging on wanting him back or that i derserve better or anything like this. because i trully love him and really think its the best for most of us, he used to tell me that i deserved an amazing guy and I think he is that!

I know I can't force love but why is he holding back?

What to do to have the biggest chances to get him back?

Thank you for the help!!! <3


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    Read a few articles on this site. It helped me with my breakup :)

    • Thank you, I have! I googled for hours and days on all website's just wanted some personal advice or experience, since we never really where a couple

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