I want to stay in touch with a friend but her best friend and I have a history that ended on bad terms. What should I do?

Worked with girl for 2 years. Occasionally flirted back and forth. I developed feelings and mistakenly told her through a written letter. Creeped out, she told our superiors and asked for me to not to work shifts with her. I quit the job immediately and was never asked about the incident.

Later that week I was diagnosed with cancer. Spent 5 months recovering and was eventually invited to come back to work at my same rank, after the girl in question moved to another job. Returning meant having to work with her siblings and having to run into her and her family occasionally. Although they were all noticeably kinder to me after I returned, I was civil but we never talked. I moved on with life, moved out of parents, dated around, and got my life together.

Eventually she started being extremely friendly whenever we ran into each other. I stayed polite but very distant. She came back to work last to help us out before we went out of business this month. I was scheduled to work with her until I requested not to. She would try to start conversations and always gave me a look, but I brushed it off. Work closed down and the last time I saw her she said a brief goodbye and I politely acknowledged it.

Now, our mutual friend/coworker is someone I'd like to stay friends with, but staying friends with her means reconnecting with the other girl after 2 years of not speaking. I thought I could part ways with these mutual friends/coworkers, but I think we'd all prefer to stay in touch after being a tight nit family for 4 years. This friend is also the only person that happens to know both sides of the situation between me and the girl. I promised myself I would never approach or ask about her, so I left the ball in her court, and assumed she'd ask if she wanted to talk about anything, but that never happened.

I understand this social group will probably drift apart, but what can I do to keep this friendship and resolve the other situation?


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  • Just talk to her through Skype to stay in touch